In Mudanzas Gou we excel in foreign services by offering the most complete and effective service market.

Moving Gou moves you need, from anywhere into the innermost place of the Republic and deliver your household goods on time and without any minimal damage.

Leveraging our experience we solve each of your needs and your transfer details required, providing the right equipment
We schedule each activity and each time, the conditions of the city where we went, the weather, the type of transport, care and packaging specifications, protection and monitoring of progress and verification of delivery of your utensils home.

We have professional packing service for all their belongings in cardboard boxes of different sizes depending on the need of the items. Moreover all furniture is protected with mats of fabric and plastic film. We included for your service, wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes that will not crinkle or mistreat him. In addition you can also transport your vehicle in the same unit together with your household goods.

We have different sizes of units in cubic meters air suspension for transporting your household goods:

50 MT3
60 MT3
70 MT3
80 MT3
90 MT3
100 MT3

Moving Gou has vast experience for the safe transfer of the following vehicles:

Armored vehicles
Collection vehicles
General machinery

We offer a service door to door including the full range of services that can provide Mudanzas Gou.

Packaging (by our expert staff)
transport (equipped with mats to protect your furniture)
comprehensive insurance

For your peace of mind, Mudanzas Gou when loading, lifting a detailed with boxes, furniture or other objects gives us inventory, this in turn is confirmed at the time of delivery of belongings on arrival.