We are a reputable company with over 116 years of experience in local, foreign, and international moves. Mudanzas Gou has relocated people all over the world for over a century, and with this experience comes a vast knowledge of operating successful moves with happy and satisfied customers. When you need an effective move in a reasonable amount of time, think Mudanzas Gou.

For many years, residents of Mexico have trusted Mudanzas Gou to relocate their household goods, offices, cars, art, medical equipment, and specialized equipment.

Home Movers

We provide residential moving from a house, apartment or condo. Gou realizes the importance of being sensitive when handling others’ furniture and personal belongings that have been acquired over the years. A high degree of expertise is required to obtain optimum results. We are extremely aware that every move is different, and Gou performs a preliminary inspection to provide an individualized and unique experience in each case. A simple phone call is enough to start the process of moving.

Our team of highly trained individuals excel in carefully packaging works of art and antiques so they can be transported anywhere in the world.

The move from one place to another often involves transporting one or more vehicles belonging to the client. Mudanzas Gou has the power to transport your car, your bike, your boat or any other recreational vehicle as part of household goods. We help simplify the process of moving.

Office Movers

When you need to move your office or business, expect a timely, professional service from Mudanzas Gou, no matter the size of the service. For office relocations, Mudanzas Gou understands the importance of planning for minimal impact on the operation of the client.

Prior art inspection services have provided data that supports a logistic plan which defines the technical treatment needed for each object that needs to be move. Human and technical resources are necessary for the completion of each move.

Gou offers the following services for moving your office or business:

Computers are the lifeblood of many office environments, and require special attention to ensure that the data is protected. Our staff is prepared to handle and pack computers, tablets, network equipment, printers and copiers.

Transporting your office furniture is part of the process of moving your office or business. Our staff is trained to disassemble and reassemble office furniture to make the process easier for our client.  This allows your staff to be working in the new office as soon as possible. Mudanzas Gou also has the ability to install many modular brands.

Universities, hospitals, and medical centers have unique requirements for transporting medical equipment and other laboratory supplies. Our staff is trained to pack and transport valuable, sensitive medical equipment to hospitals and laboratories of all sizes.

We also offer storage of office equipment.

Mudanzas Gou has the capability to transport heavy factory machines and equipment. We have specialized equipment and trained personnel to carry this type of equipment.