Mudanzas Gou assists in moving office from the beginning to the end.

Whether you have a small office or a complete corporate office, moving can be managed only by an expert, efficient and reliable company, which involves extensive coordination and skill at each stage.

Always attentive to the needs of our customers and with the sole desire to serve them better, to facilitate the relocation of its office equipment, computer equipment, documentation, in order to reduce wasted time and successfully carrying out the transfer of its effects.

Moving Gou recommended that a sales representative coordinate a visit at its offices to review the furniture removal and help you plan it in detail from the basement to the top floor.

Additional we offer the following services to make moving easier:

Supplying cardboard boxes and / or plastic
Highly qualified
continuous professional supervision
Trucks with hydraulic ramp
Packaging for general equipment
Different colored labels to the location of your furniture

If the volume of your move is considered, it will be very convenient to label their furniture and belongings from his office. Thus downloading and placing be provided for all.

Choose different colors or letters for each floor or department.
You can have boxes with anticipation requiring to have properly packed their office supplies. Or if you require it prior to moving, qualified personnel can service packaging.

Here are some important recommendations for removal from office:

Desks: make packing boxes all its contents. This includes stationery with which it is currently working, trays correspondence, books.

Archivists: if the move is made by stairs, should be emptied every drawer and its contents should be packed in boxes.

Archivists security must be locked before the move.

Cabinets or stationery store: all content in packaging boxes. Doors should be locked or tied to not open.

Bookshelves: withdraw all the books and packed everything into boxes.

Computer equipment: they must be properly packed in boxes for shipment.

Tables, blackboards, maps: if hung on the wall let since Removals Gou will handle them down for transport. If they are embedded or fixed to the wall, they should be removed by you.

Special equipment: electronic processing equipment, copiers, switches, require professional training before being transported; therefore they must be disconnected by their technical opportunely for transport.

If you want to dismantle Gou provide them packing service for your office supplies, computer equipment, please notify in advance.
When making your office move sure to coordinate with Mudanzas Gou so that everything goes in a timely manner.