Whatever the reason for storing your most precious objects, short and long, Mudanzas Gou is the perfect solution, because we are the leading company in the industry to keep furniture in safe wineries and authorized for this purpose.

Moving Gou offers complete packing your belongings to be stored properly and well protected using packaging materials and boxes world-class, especially for china, glassware, sundries, clothing hanging (closets), linen folding, books, and corrugated cardboard and / or wood for very delicate objects or high value such as tables, covered with glass or mirrors, sculptures, antique clocks, pianos, porcelain or Lladró, and in general for any item special is it , However, if your budget is limited and you, our customer, you want to make packing your belongings, we can also receive in custody for storage by the desired time.

Gou although we are not only focused on the storage of furniture and personal effects, but industrial and sophisticated equipment for hospitals, laboratories, companies file dead, racks for carpets, with over-dimensional vehicles and motorcycles. We ramp level to load trucks easily. We also offer services Lifts per hour at home, when the maneuvers be carried out in the customer’s premises.

We are pleased to confirm that we have a system of Inventory Control based on Barcode, which assures us that putting the sticky labels on each package / box, these can not be mixed with any other service, as to be verified with Barcode reader, any incorrect tag, our system will alert any errors, which make it impossible to have missing or erroneous items in the storage of our customers. This system manages to have a total control of the goods we have in custody, whether for fixed storage or storage in transit. If there jockeying for additions or removal of items from the same batch, which are performed by highly trained staff of our company, we can send a summary of these movements in Excel, to keep track of both parties.

We additionally with comprehensive protection insurance for any incident that was beyond our control, as can be Lightning, fire, flood or earthquake, and additionally special coverage, depending on the specific need, required by our customers. Insurance is optional and can be quoted at the time to call us for your service.

Our warehouses are guarded by guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with strict registration and identification program to allow entry to our facilities from anyone. Additionally, we have a system of cameras strategically located areas, patios wineries access and to monitor and record the various activities during the day and even at night because they have motion-sensitive system, which will give you the peace of mind that your property items are always well guarded.

We have a strict and timely maintenance system to our cellars, which makes that are always in perfect conditions of temperature, ventilation, free from any pest or moisture to protect items that store, and its fire systems and extinguishers in good condition, certified by the Civil Protection authorities in each locality.

In advance payment for long-term storage, we can offer a discount to the normal rates for the benefit of our customers. We accept VISA cards and MSTERCARD bank credit and interbank transfers.

Below are the types of storage and transit Fijo offer

Furniture vans and containers
special compartments for sculptures and works of art
Stationery boxes and dead files
Storage of cars and trucks in roofed spaces
Pickup and delivery service
24 hour